Information Systems Consultant

My Projects

I’ve been involved in a significant number of diverse projects during my career.  If you would like further information about any of my work, please Contact Me.

  • Venue Technology Modernisation Project
    Venue Technology Modernisation Project

    Jul 2012 – Current

    Principal engineering resource for the Venue Technology Modernisation Project, which is intended to provide significantly enhanced services for visitors across a number of international sporting venues.  Significant embedding into customer business to support procurement activities, detailed design actions, and as-built documentation, and various other documents as needed/required.  Specification and oversight of general purpose engineering and environmental works such as communications room fitout, penetration and sealing works, power, cooling, etc.  Deployment oversight and PoC activities as needed for for the provision various combinations of wired and wireless services.  Design and commissioning work on new construction projects.

  • Manufacturing Environment Core Infrastructure
    Manufacturing Environment Core Infrastructure

    Jul 2016 – Current

    Replacement & management of core network and virtualisation infrastructure for 24 x 7 manufacturing (milk production) environment.  Solution based on Junos EX/SRX physical components, L2-over-L3 with EVPN (vMX), and SimpliVity virtualisation/data management.

  • Multi-Site Airport Communications System
    Multi-Site Airport Communications System

    Aug 2015 – Current

    Consulting services to two regional airports to assist with physical infrastructure items, and modernisation of ICT communications infrastructure including migration from Cisco VRF-Lite services to Juniper L2/L3 (supported by EVPN) systems using EX/QFX/SRX and MX devices (managed using Junos Space).

  • Data Centre Migration and Security Modernisation
    Data Centre Migration and Security Modernisation

    May 2014 – June 2015

    Principal engineering resource for high-risk ICT infrastructure migration project for high-security Government agency. This project involved the establishment of new data centre and communications services, along with the implementation of a completely different compute and storage infrastructure to support significantly changes to the business environment of the organisation.

  • Co-educational School Campus Network
    Co-educational School Campus Network

    Jun 2015

    Design and implementation services for a large co-educational network based on Juniper EX equipment, integration with existing components, guidance regarding physical infrastructure items, and assistance with deployment of large (Xirrus) wireless environment.

  • Wellcamp Airport and Business Park
    Wellcamp Airport and Business Park

    Jul 2014 – Nov 2014

    Design and implementation services for new airport construction project in Toowoomba. Converged network providing all services to airport systems based on Juniper EX/SRX/MX devices and Junos Space management layer. Project included wireless design and implementation, along with ongoing design and support services.

  • Juniper Spotlight Secure Deployment
    Juniper Spotlight Secure Deployment

    Dec 2013

    Deployment of a Juniper Spotlight Secure environment to allow customer to progress with an online recruitment project. Customer data is now protected behind DDoS Secure, SRX Gateways, and WebApp Secure (JWAS), with real-time attacker identification and blocking.

  • Converged Network Design
    Converged Network Design

    Dec 2011 – Jun 2012

    Design and planning activities for the deployment of a state wide multi-campus converged network to support large-scale international sporting venues.

  • High-Latency Network Optimisation
    High-Latency Network Optimisation

    May 2012

    On-site work with Papua New Guinea customer to optimise network services across a number of remote geographic locations using a mix of point-to-point wireless and high latency satellite communications services with a requirement for secure VPN connectivity. Juniper SRX devices implemented and configured to support this environment.

    Customer network used a mix of Juniper and HP switching technologies, and assisted customer in the migration of legacy Layer 2 HP services onto Layer 3 switching services using Juniper EX series swicthes.

    Staff training and handover work performed in various technologies while on-site.

  • ICT Upgrade (Extension Project)
    ICT Upgrade (Extension Project)

    Aug 1999 – Jul 2011

    Continuation (scope extension) of previously completed ICT upgrade project to assist with the rollout and commissioning of core servers, along with upgrades to WAN services (Juniper), the implementation of Juniper STRM (JSA / Secure Analytics), and assistance with the deployment of a large number of smaller internal projects within the organisation.

  • Technical Trainer
    Technical Trainer

    Aug 1999 – Jul 2011

    Provided on-site technical specialist training services to a number of clients within APAC across a number of fields:
    – Microsoft Advanced Active Directory Design
    – Microsoft Exchange Design
    – Microsoft Metadirectory Services (now Identify Lifecycle Manager)

    Work also included highly customised training for various organisations including:
    – Datec (Fiji) required heavily customised Microsoft Exchange 5.5 training for their support team.
    – Nokia (China) required IPv4 to IPv6 transition training for their Beijing engineering team.
    – Dimension Data Learning Solutions (Perth) had a number of customer-specific training requirements for Microsoft Metadirectory Services.
    – Massey University (New Zealand) required site-specific Internet Information Services (IIS) training.

  • ICT Upgrade
    ICT Upgrade

    Dec 2009 – Mar 2011

    ICT Infrastructure upgrade project for customer moving away from fibre channel storage to converged IP solution based on iSCSI storage, along with the virtualisation of all core systems and a move away from a multi-vendor switching/routing/security solution.

    I was the lead engineering resource in the team that delivered a number of key changes, including:
    – The implementation Juniper Networks infrastructure allowing for the use of a single nework OS for the management of all network devices.
    – The migration of all Windows services to a new Active Directory environment.
    – The implementation of a secure perimeter environment to allow customer to deploy a board paper management application.


  • Exchange Upgrade
    Exchange Upgrade

    Nov 2010

    Upgrade of Exchange 2003 to 2010 for a 24 x 7 operation (large regional coal loading terminal). This project involved changes to the existing environment, and technical oversight of the new hardware (including load balancers) and software components needed to ensure a zero-downtime migration to the new environment.


  • Active Directory and Exchange Consolidation
    Active Directory and Exchange Consolidation

    Feb 2010

    On-site work in Papua New Guinea to perform migration services from a number of disconnected environments running workgroup and SBS technologies into a centrally managed domain Active Directory environment. Work included the migration of user account and exchange mailbox data, and significant scripting activities to assist with the migration of end-user profiles and client-side settings.


  • ICT Infrastructure Design and Migration
    ICT Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Dec 2007 – Nov 2009

    Design and documentation work to assist customer with the proposed migration from an outsourced ICT environment to an internally managed model. The existing outsourced model was contractually very complex and required considerable care to be taken when working with senior management and other stakeholders to identify a suitable solution. During the life of the project, I was a sitting member of the organisation’s Information Steering Committee, due to the complexity of any migration away from the existing provider.

    The business requirement for the project required a very high uptime from the final solution, and my role was to initially ensure that all procured equipment was compliant with the developed specification documents, and then to take on the role of engineering lead to manage a team of implementation experts.


  • ICT Upgrade
    ICT Upgrade
    Jun 2006 – Oct 2006

    Migration of a legacy Windows infrastructure environment away from local storage to a SAN-based solution using VMware. Upgrade of existing network services to a dual-site geographically distributed environment with CWDM services to provide parallel (isolated) switching and SAN fabric paths.

    This work included the migration of all core business services into a virtualised environment, the replacement of the legacy tape backup solution with Microsoft Data Protection Manager, and the upgrade of a number of Microsoft software components.

  • Systems Engineer Training
    Systems Engineer Training
    Jul 2006 – Aug 2006

    On-site training and mentoring work with the engineering team at a large regional Microsoft Gold Partner across a broad range of Microsoft technologies.

  • Network Upgrade
    Network Upgrade
    Feb 2003 – Aug 2004

    Network extension project involving the design of customer-owned dark fibre to 12 buildings within the Brisbane CBD, and leased fibre to the greater Brisbane area. Negotiation with a large number of external parties to obtain the necessary approvals to proceed.

    Although this project was initially a design-only activity, the scope was extended to include the management of the network implementation (including both the fibre and the active switching components), result in the deployment of a multi-site highly resilient Layer 2 network servicing 15 offices within the greater Brisbane area.

  • ICT Infrastructure Design and Migration
    ICT Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Mar 2002 – Jul 2004

    Design and documentation work to assist customer with the proposed migration from an outsourced ICT environment to an internally managed model. Work with senior management and internet/external stakeholders to identify a suitable solution, and presentation of proposed model to board of directors.

    After approval, my role was extended to include overall technical responsibility for the detailed design and implementation of the services required within the environment, which included replacement/upgraded WAN and LAN services, and a significant business investment into new server equipment.

  • Identity Management
    Identity Management
    Mar 2003

    Development of a prototype identity management solution for Telstra for the synchronisation of identity information across internal systems, and the automation of account provisioning, tested to support capacity for 50,000 managed entities.

  • Identity Management
    Identity Management
    Dec 2002

    Development of a prototype identity management solution for Microsoft Enterprise Services for the synchronisation of identity information, and personal data, for deployment to ~650 primary schools in South Australia.

  • Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Jul 1999 – Feb 2002

    Infrastructure design and implementation lead for network upgrade to support expansion of business locations from 8 locations to 35 locations, with an expected quadrupling of staff. Migration of core switching (Cisco 5505 to 6509) and routing platforms, WAN upgrades, implementation of QoS over frame relay and ISDN services to support planned Citrix deployment, and associated infrastructure activities.

    This project required a large number of changes to be made to the existing underlying control and management systems due to the large increase in staff numbers and sites in a short space of time. This project also involved major server upgrade activities, along with the implementation of a number managed Ethernet services to support new office locations (6 additional sites were added) within the Brisbane CBD.

  • Identity Management
    Identity Management
    Nov 2000 – Feb 2001

    Implementation of identity management solution to the synchronisation of various systems for a State Government agency (approx. 1000 entities).

  • High Volume Web Farm Design & Implementation
    High Volume Web Farm Design & Implementation
    Mar 2000 – Nov 2000

    Design, implementation, and post-production support for web farm to support bookings for new airline entering the market in Australia (Virgin Blue now Virgin Australia). Work also included activities with network support provider and required significant coordination with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Establishment of Regional ISP
    Establishment of Regional ISP
    Jul 1998 – Jul 1999

    Concept and design for community network around the Wide Bay area in Queensland. Funding application for State & Commonwealth, and documentation support. Implementation of hybrid frame relay, ISDN, radio & satellite internetwork hosting Internet dial-in access to a large area of the state. Network used a variety of Cisco equipment and Windows NT / UNIX software to provide Internet services. Multi-homed network running BGP4. Internal routing EIGRP. Caching using a mix of Squid and Cisco Cache Engine services. Management of a technical direction of project and technical team located in Bundaberg, Queensland.

  • Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Infrastructure Design and Migration
    Aug 1996 – Jun 1998

    Infrastructure design, acquisition, and implementation of ICT components for a small State Government agency impacted by administrative changes. Migration of a small network (7 locations) onto new infrastructure (combination of Cisco, Cabletron, and DEC components), implementation of email services (initially Microsoft Mail with OS2-based MMTA and upgraded to Exchange after initial migration), and development of end-to-end infrastructure management plan, along with policies and procedures for ongoing management and support.

  • Executive Information System
    Executive Information System
    May 1996 – Aug 1996

    Analysis and development work for the Queensland Government on an Executive Information System for performance reporting. Work included the design and development of software tools using Visual Basic, SQL Server, and Borland Delphi products.

  • Small Systems Development
    Small Systems Development
    Jan 1995 – May 1996

    Development and maintenance of a number of small systems for mid-size State Government agency. Work included custom development activities using various tools including Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. Highlights included the development of integration components for use with Microsoft Mail and HP minicomputer platforms.