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At Q.ANT, we believe Quantum Technology is key to solving future challenges. What do you think?

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At Q.ANT, we develop and industrialize technologies and products with the potential to improve sustainability, efficiency and quality of life. To achieve this, we believe in fostering individual growth and development. We provide a dynamic and supportive environment that encourages employees to explore their full potential. With a diverse range of projects and cutting-edge technologies, there are ample opportunities for personal and professional advancement at Q.ANT. Our commitment to continuous learning and career development programs ensures that each team member can shape their own path and thrive in their chosen field. Together, we thrive on solving complex challenges and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

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Write your personal success story at Q.ANT and shape the future. Either apply for an open position or let us know how you can best contribute to grow Q.ANT.

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The Q.ANT Values

Our Q.ANT values stand for our work. We aim for the best QUALITY both in our products and in our daily work results. Through our knowledge and imagination, we ANTICIPATE what will be important for us and our customers tomorrow. Due to our natural urge for NOVELTY, we see the status quo as a launching pad for improvement. And, we have internalized that great things are always created as a TEAM.

Together, We Soar

Q.ANTies, as we affectionately call ourselves, are united by a shared passion for quantum technology and a collaborative mindset. Our close-knit community encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, innovative thinking – and more… Experience the power of team spirit #greatteam