Shifting Paradigms With The Power Of Light

Utilizing photons to usher the next technology era in Native Computing for AI and Native Sensing to achieve highest data quality

Empowering AI with Native Computing

AI changes the world. With its rise, energy resources and processing power reach their limits. Q.ANT’s Native Computing happens in the photonic realm. Our Processors natively implement efficient matrix-vector multiplications, the central operation in deep neural networks.

Opening new worlds with Native Sensing

Native Sensing uses light as the natural read-out medium to achieve the highest data quality for subsequent integrated signal analysis and processing. Q.ANT’s magnetometer closes the gap between technology and humanity with a new kind of human-machine-interface. The atomic gyroscope brings navigation to new hights and the particle sensor offers perception of details the previously remained hidden.

How Photonic and Quantum Technologies work at Q.ANT

Para.Digm Technology Framework

Our photonic Para.Digm technology framework nurtures disruptive applications helping industries evolve. Imagine a world where light powers the next generation of computing and AI and connects humans seamlessly with the digital world. It is a new foundation for companies to unlock new business opportunities.

Para.Digm is the framework and the core of all of our product developments. It includes mastering and controlling the entire optical and electronic process chain:

Light creation → Light processing → Light detection

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Strong Alliances Shape Photonic Technology

Fueled by Industry Collaborations, Funded Initiatives, and Innovative Research Partnerships.

News & Press Releases

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