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Pioneering Photonic Quantum Technologies
in Computing and Sensing

Quantum Computing and Quantum Sensing

Providing new insights based on photonic data generation and data processing. Photonic effects empower computers to solve complex problems yet unsolvable and sensors to perceive details that previously remained hidden.

How Quantum Technology works at Q.ANT

The Quantum Photonic Framework

It is the working principle and the core of all of our product developments. It includes mastering and controlling the entire optical and electronic process chain up to data generation and data processing. Light is the essential resource for exploiting the potential of quantum technologies. Photons are the Powerful Carriers of Quantum Information.

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Strong Alliances Shape Quantum Technology

Fueled by Industry Collaborations, Funded Initiatives, and Innovative Research Partnerships.

News & Press Releases

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The AM Conference is guided by the motto “Advancing Additive Manufacturing Adoption”.

The world’s Leading Trade Fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology.

The world’s leading trade fair for the industrial sector.

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