The pure approach to quantum computing and quantum sensing

Quantum technologies are the innovation driver of the 21st century. And light is the key resource for leveraging this disruptive potential. Light is known to provide an ideal access to quantum technologies. The core of our Q.ANT technology is the exploitation of quantum effects using light to realize new products in the field of sensing and computing.

In order to ensure the best quality in our product developments, we take care about the complete optical and electronic process chain, starting from the conversion of electrons to photons, followed by the generation and exploitation of quantum effects and finally the reconversion of photons into electrical signals and data.

Electron to Photon

The perfect exploitation of quantum effects requires light without compromises. Therefore all our product developments start with the controlled light generation. Each of our light sources is tailored to the requirements of the quantum control section. Our technology features the direct generation of light using solid state laser diodes.

Quantum Control

At the heart of novel quantum technologies is the controlled exploitation of quantum effects. This includes the generation of quantum entanglement as well as the distinct optical read-out of information from atomic transitions. The information is thereby imprinted on the light. We focus on high-quality quantum control componentes dedicated for scalable industrial processes. We cover the range from our nonlinear optical waveguides to the integration of quantum materials like gases and diamond.

Photon to Electron

The key for valuable data is the lossless information transfer from light to high-quality electrical signals. In order to convert the information, which was imprinted on the light in the quantum controls layer, into usable signals and data, lossless reconversion of photons to electrons is required. The Q.ANT technology is based on integrated analog electronics and data processing. Our expertise ranges from low-noise analog amplifiers, high-speed analog and digital data-processing and AI-based algorithms.