Picotesla Precision: Our Magnetometer measures the finest currents using quantum technology

The Q.ANT Magnetometer enables highly precise magnetic field measurements. New everyday applications emerge due to its compact size and operation at room temperature.

Responds sensitively and precisely to magnetic fields

The Q.ANT magnetic field sensor enables the measurement of magnetic fields in the range of below 100 picotesla at room temperature.

Previously, this level of sensitivity was only achieved by sensor systems under very specific environmental conditions: cooled down to absolute zero at -273 °C (or -459.4 °F) or heated up to 150 °C (or 302 °F).

The Q.ANT benefits

  • Extremely high sensitivity under everyday conditions
  • Large dynamic range: Captures very weak magnetic field changes even in strong background fields
  • High spatial resolution
  • Magnetic field direction detection: Allows, for example, conclusions about the location of the magnetic field source

The Wide Range of Applications​


Located at the heart of the sensor, becomes sensitive to magnetic fields by inserting an adjustment in the atomic lattice, called an NV doping


bring the NV dopings into a magnetic field-sensitive state

External magnetic field:

acts on the sensor

Green laser:

shines on the NV diamond and causes the NV doping to fluoresce with red light

Red fluorescence light:

Changes when the external magnetic field changes


Captures the fluorescence light

Control unit:

Processing of photodetector data


User-friendly display of the signal

The functionality of the Q.ANT Magnetometer

NV magnetometry is based on nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamonds, which serve as extremely sensitive sensors for magnetic fields.

NV stands for “nitrogen-coupled vacancy” or “nitrogen-vacancy” in English. In an NV center, a nitrogen atom is placed in the diamond lattice structure instead of a carbon atom. Next to it is an empty position / vacancy.

"How far can we go on the picoscale? The potential of quantum magnetic field measurement for industry and everyday life is immense, and we are just beginning to unfold it."

Robert Rölver

Head of Quantum Sensing, Q.ANT

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