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Experience Q.ANT Particle Sensors for real-time monitoring of algae cultivation live @ AlgaEurope 2023

When cultivating algae, population vitality is crucial. However, existing monitoring procedures of bioreactors typically only track the optical density of algae cultures, which provides limited information about the viability of individual algae cells or contaminations in the bioreactor.

Q.ANT Particle Sensors enable the real-time detection and analysis of size, velocity and position of particle sizes ranging from 2 to 700 microns  for real-time monitoring of algae cultivation in bioreactors. By providing an instant evaluation of growth phases and key cellular attributes like size, cell debris, agglomeration factor or contamination of single algae cells, the sensor’s analysis provides real-time insights into the algae culture, enhancing the understanding of their state. 

Operation, as well as real-time display of analysis results, are enabled via a browser-based, easy-to-use interface. Easy integration in the lab environment make repeatable analyses possible and data can be exported, stored and securely transferred via customizable APIs to laboratory systems or the cloud. In the future, the online process integration of the sensor will enable real-time process control in bioreactors to increase their productivity as well as the quality of the processed media.

From December 12-15 2023, you can experience a live demo of the Q.ANT Particle Sensor measuring algae cells in real-time at AlgaEurope, one of the leading conferences and exhibitions in the field of algae. 

Get inspired: Detailed information on the Q.ANT Particle Sensor and contact details can be found here. We are looking forward to find solutions to your individual requirements!

AlgaEurope; Grandior Hotel Prague; Table Top 9

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