Quantum sensor improves process and quality control by analyzing particles in real time

Stuttgart, 8th April 2024 / The properties of raw materials and feedstock play a decisive role in analysis and production processes as well as in laboratory and process technology. Detailed information about the size, number, composition and distribution of particles contribute to process control and quality assurance. At Analytica in Munich, the Stuttgart-based high-tech start-up […]

Q.ANT develops first quantum chip demonstrator for Bundesdruckerei GmbH

Research cooperation between federal company and Stuttgart-based high-tech start-up Stuttgart, 27. June 2023 – Quantum chips working with light may play a central role on the path to quantum computers in the future. As part of a research development contract from Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Q.ANT has developed a first prototype that successfully generates random numbers based […]

Q.ANT and IMS CHIPS set up quantum chip fabrication

Stuttgart, June 21, 2023 – Stuttgart-based start-up Q.ANT and the Institute for Microelectronics Stuttgart (IMS CHIPS), today signed an agreement to jointly manufacture quantum chips. Chips for quantum processors are to be produced in small batches in just two years. As a leading quantum technology company, Q.ANT contributes its know-how in quantum computer chip production […]

Cooperation with SICK

Today was an enormously exciting day for us and German industrial quantum technology alike. Today we signed a cooperation agreement with our partner SICK. Together, we had recently demonstrated a successful functional test of the world’s first quantum optical sensor that can be used for series production. With our sensor it is possible to analyze […]