Cooperation with SICK

Today was an enormously exciting day for us and German industrial quantum technology alike. Today we signed a cooperation agreement with our partner SICK. Together, we had recently demonstrated a successful functional test of the world’s first quantum optical sensor that can be used for series production.

With our sensor it is possible to analyze in real time each particle in the measurement volume with regard to its size, its velocity and its particle direction. This additional, simultaneously acquired information opens up completely new dimensions in particle analysis.

At the start of our cooperation, we will focus together with SICK on the following applications, for example:

1. analysis of particle contamination sources in the semiconductor industry.
2. verification of compliance with particulate matter limits and for optimizing ventilation control in buildings, such as subways
3. continuous inspection of particle size distribution in powder manufacturing, for example from tablet to cement production.

With this technology, mass production of quantum optical sensors is within reach. Over the next few months, we will now work together to develop a prototype.

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