Q.ANT Particle Sensor for Quality Control at AM Forum

Quantum sensor for particle analysis improves quality control of printing powders in additive manufacturing Stuttgart, 20. March 2024 / In additive manufacturing, the properties of the printing powder with particles from metal, plastic or ceramic play a decisive role. The size, number and composition of the fine particles influence the course of the process. The […]

Q.ANT and Fraunhofer IPA establish Competence Centre for prosthetics with quantum technology

Stuttgart, 8 March 2024 / The high-tech company Q.ANT and Fraunhofer IPA today signed an agreement to establish the Competence Centre Human-Machine-Interface. The aim of the cooperation is to detect finest nerve signals from muscle activity and interpret the resulting information in order to control machines and devices. This could make it possible to intuitively […]

CFI article about Q.ANT Particle Sensor available in February issue

Q.ANT Introduces Revolutionary Particle Sensor for Ceramics Production Imagine: a particle sensor that tracks size, speed, and distribution in real-time. No more waiting for lab results or relying on slow cameras! Our particle sensor, born from the minds of our passionate team, is shaking things up. Featured in the prestigious cfi – ceramic forum international, […]

Q.ANT is attending trade fairs in San Francisco, CA!

In just two weeks, SPIE BiOS Expo 2024 kicks off, unveiling advancements in the biomedical optics industry. If you are attending, meet our team around Katharina, Robert and Jörg at our booth and delve into the intricacies of our quantum Magnetometer. The Q.ANT Magnetometer measures the finest muscular signals, opening new frontiers in human-machine interaction. […]

Where you can visit Q.ANT booths in 2024!

A varied, international trade show schedule is in store for Q.ANT in 2024: these are the stops that we have planned for this year! Where will you be? We are looking forward to many interesting meetings, talks and discussions. You are very welcome to visit our booths, if you would like to set up an […]

Welcome 2024 and a Happy New Year!

As we step into this new year, Q.ANT is excited to welcome 2024 with fresh opportunities, innovation, and shared successes. In the past year, we’ve achieved milestones, strengthened partnerships and grew Q.ANT to 90 Q.ANTies – thanks to the unwavering support of our clients, business partners and TRUMPF. For 2024, we continue to drive innovation […]

Q.ANT Wishes You a Merry Christmas!

To all our clients, partners, and everyone we work together, As the holidays are approaching, we’d like to thank you for your support and partnership throughout the year. We’re grateful for your trust, and we look forward to more successes in the coming year. Have a look back at 2023 together with us on LinkedIn. […]

Experience Q.ANT Particle Sensors for real-time monitoring of algae cultivation live @ AlgaEurope 2023

When cultivating algae, population vitality is crucial. However, existing monitoring procedures of bioreactors typically only track the optical density of algae cultures, which provides limited information about the viability of individual algae cells or contaminations in the bioreactor. Q.ANT Particle Sensors enable the real-time detection and analysis of size, velocity and position of particle sizes […]

Q.ANT CEO Michael Recognized in Capital Magazin’s “Top 40 under 40”

Congratulations, Michael! Our CEO, Michael, has been honored with a renowned title, securing a spot among the “Top 40 under 40” leaders in the management category by Capital Magazin. We not only celebrate the individual achievement, but also underscore the collaborative efforts and vision of the entire Q.ANT team! It’s the combined dedication and contribution, […]