Q.ANT on-chip optical modulators successfully demonstrated

Q.ANT has accomplished the next milestone towards the development of its photonic quantum computer. At the heart of Q.ANT’s approach to photonic quantum computing is the quantum photonic integrated circuit PIC. Here, Qbits based on light serve as information carriers. By spatial and temporal manipulation of the photons through the modulator, quantum effects are generated. This Qbit control is a core competence of Q.ANT.

Since the foundation, Q.ANT relies on lithium niobate as the base material for Photonic Quantum processors. Lithium niobate brings ideal material properties: By applying a Voltage, it allows to exploit the electro-optical effect of the material and enables to manipulate Qbits without losses. The optimized chip design brings all required elements on a single monolithic chip – standing out to all present alternatives used for Photonic Quantum Computing: For the realization of fast and efficient optical quantum computer processors.

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