Q.ANT Partners with PlanQK to Advance Photonic Quantum Technology

Q.ANT, a startup emerging from the renowned German high-tech company TRUMPF, has announced its collaboration with PlanQK as an associated partner. The partnership aims to strengthen the quantum computing community by leveraging Q.ANT’s expertise in photonic quantum technology.

PlanQK, platform and ecosystem for quantum applications, is a flagship project, supported by public funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate since 2019. With a diverse ecosystem of over 100 companies, scientific institutions, public administration and associations, PlanQK aims to simplify quantum computing for users and developers by providing an easily accessible app store with community-powered quantum applications.

Q.ANT’s contribution to the PlanQK community includes sharing their extensive knowledge in photonic quantum computing and making their in-house developed and manufactured quantum computer chips available to the PlanQK ecosystem.

Dr. Mathias Petri, Co-founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer of Anaqor, the consortium leader of the PlanQK project, expresses optimism about the partnership: “With Q.ANT we have been able to inspire a strategically very important partner for PlanQK. Our ecosystem can benefit enormously from this partnership, especially with regard to the use of technology that is already available today and ensuring technological sovereignty in Germany and Europe.”

Q.ANT specializes in revolutionary photonics solutions, enabling the practical application of quantum technology in sensor and quantum computing. By joining forces with PlanQK, Q.ANT takes a significant step towards advancing the widespread industrial use of quantum computing across industries.

“We at Q.ANT are looking forward to contributing to PlanQK and pushing quantum technology in computing and sensing. Only by close cooperation of experts and companies in the field, like in PlanQK, we can advance and make Germany and Europe a stronghold in these crucial, disruptive technologies.”, Dr. Michael Förtsch, founder and CEO of Q.ANT, is convinced.

About Q.ANT

Q.ANT is a high-tech start-up in the field of quantum technology and was founded in 2018 as part of the TRUMPF Group. The company works on technologies for data generation and data processing. To this end, Q.ANT develops quantum sensors and quantum computer chips. With its four product lines Photonic Quantum Computing, Particle Metrology, Atomic Gyroscopes and Magnetic Sensing, Q.ANT is a partner for a wide variety of industries and fields of application, ranging from medical technology and autonomous driving to aerospace, mechanical engineering and process technology. Q.ANT employs around 80 people at its Stuttgart site.

About Anaqor

Anaqor is a software-focused quantum start up based in Berlin and Stuttgart founded to enable innovators who build and use tomorrow’s quantum solutions. In 2019, Anaqor initiated PlanQK – the first community-powered quantum platform and ecosystem supported by the German government and trusted to date by more than 100 organizations. PlanQK provides the technological foundation to connect all players involved in the quantum value chain to push together the boundaries of what’s possible today and create the biggest impact for society.

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