Stuttgart Industry Talks with Q.ANT CEO Michael Förtsch

The Industry Talks of the German Physical Society (DPG) invite physicists at the interface of research and industrial application to discuss and exchange experiences. The core of the event are lectures given by renowned industry leaders on current topics related to physics and industry.

Dr. Karsten Vetter from the DPG’s Industry and Business Working Group spoke with Michael Förtsch, CEO of Q.ANT GmbH. With the presentation “Start-Up Photonic Quantum Technologies”, Michael Förtsch discussed the technology, as well as the experience of founding a company and the advantages of a start-up. The focus of his talk was on the development of quantum sensors and quantum computing chips based on the Q.ANT Photonic Quantum Framework.

The full 90-minute conversation in German can be watched here. The Industry Talks, which take place at various locations in Germany, provide forums for physicists to exchange ideas on topics related to physics research, at the connection point of transferring scientific knowledge to applications, and on current industry topics.

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